Conference Leaders and Class Descriptions

Anderson, Tammy (MS WMU/WM Executive Director-Treasurer)
  A Refugee Loss Simulation (Sessions 3 & 4)
    Headline news reports showcase the worldwide refugee crisis daily. What should believers do in the face of such turmoil? How can we change caring for the issue into caring about the refugee? The Refugee Loss Simulation
    is an interactive experience designed to help believers better understand the plight of Refugees. This simulation can be used with teenagers and adults in both small and large group settings.

Anthony, Clay (AMS, Collaborative Missions Network)
  Leading Deacons to Grow Deeper in God’s Word (Friday)
    “Leading Deacons to Grow Deeper in God’s Word” will explore the beauty and blessing of God’s design for church leadership. This class will discuss the importance of a leader’s faithful commitment to God’s Word in the service of God’s people.”

  Leading Our Families Well (Sessions 4)
    A look at the Biblical call for husband and father to lead and love their families into a greater walk with Christ. All men of any status are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Practical input will be covered for raising and influencing
    the next generation for all parents and grandparents.

Apple, David (Adult Ministry Specialist, Lifeway)
  Ten Tips for Teaching God’s Word ( Friday)
    Every teacher focuses on preparation, participation, and helping participants put God’s Word to practice.  This session will help you identify ten tips for teaching God’s Word.

  We want our Sunday School to WIN (Session 2)
    What are the “wins” for a Sunday School class and for those who work in our Sunday School?  This session will help identify and celebrate what helps bring about successes.

Armstrong, Rob (Senior Pastor, Harrisburg Baptist Church)
  Healthy Church Growth (Friday)

  How a church grows matters. Healthy Church Growth (Sessions 3)
    Preaching to lead others to grow deeper.

  DNA of Discipleship Groups (Session 4)
    What does a D group look like? (Pastor Rob Armstrong and Pastor Sam Greer will lead this session together.) What is a discipleship group? What happens in a discipleship group? Who can be in a discipleship group?
    Find the answers to these and other questions about discipleship groups.

Blythe, Rick (Stewardship Director, MBCB)
  Biblical Stewardship: The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth. So? HELP ME GOD! (Session 2)
    To help us understand that Biblical Stewardship is God giving us a part in what He is doing. Stewardship is not us helping God (like He needs any help at all!). It is an incredible opportunity, and a gift from Him,
    for us to be involved in something that matters beyond the material, beyond the financial.

Boydstun, Angie (Sunday School and Small Groups Preschool/Children's Consultant, MBCB)
  Leading Preschoolers to Grow Deeper in God’s Word (Friday)

Boykin, Lee Ann (Associate Minister of Children, Brandon)
  Keeping Preschoolers Safe and Secure (Session 2)
    Safety and Security should be a top priority in your Preschool Ministry. We will discuss ways to keep your preschoolers safe every day and in case of emergencies. And we will explore issues that we are facing in today’s world.

Brown, Donna (AOM, WOM, myMission)
  Adult Missions: Answering His Call (Session 3)
    In today’s world, adults are really busy and have difficulty finding balance. Through Adults on Mission, myMission and Women on Mission, adults learn how to answer His call by including missions as they do life.
    See how involving adults in missions can help them find balance, develop relationships and share their faith. Come learn the basics of these adult missions organizations and start leading your adults to Answer His Call to make disciples.

  Missions is For Everyone: WMU in Your Church (Session 4)
    Kick off the new year with confidence! Come learn how to develop a churchwide approach to missions. Explore how to use the new Missions Leader: WMU Planning Guide 2019-2020, an excellent tool for WMU Directors and Churchwide missions leaders.
    Receive help raising awareness of missions and mobilizing your church as you focus your plans for the new church year.

Carter, Micah (Senior Pastor, FBC Ripley)
  Leading Deacons to Grow Deeper in God’s Word (Sessions 3&4)
    “Leading Deacons to Grow Deeper in God’s Word” will explore the beauty and blessing of God’s design for church leadership. Deacon ministry is essential to the health of the Church, and this class will discuss the importance of
    a Deacon’s faithful commitment to God’s Word in the service of God’s people.”

Dean, Emily (Director of Women's Academic Programs and Organizations, NOBTS)
  Leading Women to Grow Deeper in God’s Word (Friday)
    Studying the Word is essential for spiritual growth. This session will explore how to study the Bible for personal growth and for teaching the Bible truthfully, passionately, and clearly to bring about life change.

  Essentials of an Effective Women’s Ministry (Session 2)
    Are you wanting to develop a dynamic women’s ministry? Are you looking for ways to enhance an existing ministry? Join Emily as she shares tools and resources that will help you start and refresh the women’s ministry in your church.

  Table Talk for Women’s Ministry Leaders (Session 4)
    Join Emily as she shares about current trends facing women today. Enjoy table talk with other women’s ministry leaders as you discuss these trends and how they affect women’s ministry in the church.

Dean, Jody (Associate Professor for Christian Education, NOBTS)
  Leading Young Adults to Grow Deeper in God’s Word (Friday)

  Teaching 101 (Session 2)
    We will explore different ways to study the Bible, approaches to teaching the outline from your personal study, and group engagement that will get the people in your group to dive deeper in their Bible.

  Boundaries (Session 3)
    We are living in a changing culture but the rules for community are the same in scripture. We will explore engagement with our people as we navigate a changing culture for appropriate interaction and communication.
    Some safeguard tips for protecting ourselves and our people will be discussed.

  Servant Leadership (Session 4)
    Have you been asked to go a mile with someone and then had to consider going another mile on that route? We will explore serving those in our ministry with this mindset of going the extra mile with our people.

DeGeorge, Chris (Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Tupelo)
  Growing Deeper by Applying God’s Word (Saturday, 2 & 4)
    As followers of Jesus, we must not only study God’s Word, but we must apply it to our lives. This session will provide steps for discovering practical application for God’s Word in the life of the teacher, specifically, but for all believers.

Growing Deeper Through Scripture Memory (Session 4)
This session will explain why memorizing Scripture is important and give tips for how to memorize verses.

Digby, Kenny (Christian Action Commission Director, MBCB)
  Gender Identity (Session 2)
    Why is this subject so critical to our Christian Faith?  Why do some people seem to be obsessed with this issue?  How does our view on this discussion affect our Biblical Worldview?  How should our Biblical Worldview affect this discussion?  This breakout will be a candid treatment of these and other questions.

  Separation of Church and State (Session 3)
    Few subjects are more misunderstood by Baptists than this one. What did President Jefferson have in mind when he coined the phrase?  What is the proper role of a Christian in government and the political process?
    What do we mean by "Religious Liberty?” Where is the balance between the scars and stripes of our Savior and the stars and stripes?  How do we keep patriotism in its proper perspective? All conferences subject to change.
Ethical Preaching (Session 4)
    All preaching should be ethical, as opposed to unethical.  There should be credibility in any sermon on any subject.  Plagiarism, hyperbole, etc., should not be tolerated in the pulpit. All preaching should have one of six objectives.
    An ethical objective is warranted in much Biblical preaching.  The Ten Commandments are a good starting point.  If we preach the whole council of God's Word, some sermons will have an ethical objective.

Farmer, Shelley (Childhood Director, Harrisburg)
  Leading Children to Grow Deeper (Friday)
  Understanding Gen Z. (Session 2)
    Who are they? What do the love? What do they want? Your current classrooms are full of this generation. Come see what they are all about.

  What’s your gateway? (Session 3)
    Want new families to get plugged into your children’s ministry and church? Here are some ideas to give them a way.

  Slow and Steady (Session 4)
    Kids Ministry isn’t really about the big, fun events. Learn how to implement disciplines that will lead to ongoing spiritual growth in the children you reach.

Gilbreath, Sammy (Evangelism Director, AL State Board of Missions)
  How to Extend an Effective Evangelistic Invitation (Sessions 2, 3, 4)
    Have you ever felt like your invitation went flat after you preached the great message that God laid on your heart? Have you ever felt like there are those people in the congregation that should make a decision, but they haven’t?

Gillon, Tommy
  Cross Generational Ministry (Session 3)
    We will explore ways to involve Sr. Adults with all age groups through bible studies, musicals and other activities.

Greer, Sam (Senior Pastor, Red Bank Baptist Church, Chattanooga)
  Leading the Local Church to Have Gospel Conversations (Friday)
    Leading the local church to have gospel conversations is work, but it works. How do you excite, encourage and equip your congregation to share the Gospel? Let’s learn together!

  Leading the Local Church to Have Gospel Conversations (Session 2)
    Leading the local church to have gospel conversations is work, but it works. How do you excite, encourage and equip your congregation to share the Gospel? Let’s learn together!

  More Reasons to Have Gospel Conversations (Session 3)
    We all have a list of reasons why we can’t, won’t and don’t share the Gospel. Join this session and be challenged to cultivate a list of reasons why we must share the Gospel. All conferences subject to change.

  DNA of Discipleship Groups (Session 4)
    What does a D group look like? (Pastor Rob Armstrong and Pastor Sam Greer will lead this session together.) What is a discipleship group? What happens in a discipleship group? Who can be in a discipleship group?
    Find the answers to these and other questions about discipleship groups.

Gwaltney, Charity (Director of Preschool Ministries, FBC Starkville)
  Making Bible Stories Come Alive for Preschoolers (Session 3)
    Preschoolers are full of life and energy. They love to play, to use their hands, and they learn best when their senses are activated.  This conference will focus on teaching Bible stories to Preschoolers in a fun way that capitalizes on their own unique style.
  Going Beyond the Classroom (Session 4)
    The key to lasting impact with teaching preschoolers and children is to minister to the whole family. This conference session will talk about expanding our reach beyond the classroom, helping parents create a God-centered home,
    and using family ministry events to bridge the gap between the classroom and the home.

Hall, Steve (Director of Communications, Harrisburg Baptist Church, Tupelo)
  Digging Deeper into a Social Media Ministry (Friday)
    Churches have always been about personal connections and social interactions. Today, a smile and a handshake aren’t enough to connect others to your ministry – you need to be able to tap into social media and engage with them on an on-going basis.

Holmes, Jason (Families Pastor, The Orchard Church, Collierville)
  Growing Deeper Through Community (Session 3)
    The Christian life is meant to be lived in community with other believers. This session will explain the importance of community and provide practical tips for finding living in community.

Keller, Heather (National WMU Consultant)
  What Are Kids Up to in Missions This Year? (Session2)
    Teaching kids to pursue God and his calling on their lives can be an exciting adventure! Find out more about this year’s theme and a few new badges as you get a sneak peek at the year ahead for Girls in Action and Children in Action.

Missions Journey: Students (Session 3)
  Come learn how WMU’s new monthly resource for student groups will empower students to discover their own roles as disciples of Jesus who live on mission. This new curriculum is video-driven with each unit being a digital download.
  Acteens, Challengers and Youth on Mission groups will begin using this material in the new church year.

King, Claude (Discipleship and Church Health Specialist, LifeWay)
  Using Prayer to Help People Grow Deeper in God’s Word (Friday)

  Growing Deeper in Love for God and One Another (Session 2)
    Jesus gave us two great commandments. Learn practical actions you can take individually and as a church to deepen your love for God and others.

  Growing Deeper in Christlikeness (Session 3)
    God has predestined us to be conformed to the likeness of Christ. Learn how to submit to and receive God’s transforming work that He ultimately will complete in you and in the body of Christ.

  Growing Deeper in Penetrating Lostness (Session 4)
    Jesus gave us one final command to make disciples of all peoples. Learn to shine His light into the darkness and cast our nets for a great spiritual harvest.

McCraw, Mike (Human Resource Director, Harrisburg Baptist Church)
  Steps to Onboarding Your Church Staff (Session 2, 3 & 4)
    This session includes Steps to Successfully On-Boarding Your Church Staff.  Including procedures to complete form I-9 for E-Verify as well as Mississippi New Hire Reporting, Direct Deposit sign-up and Tax information.

Martin, Aubry (Minister of Education, Poplar Springs Dr.)
  Leading Adults to Grow Deeper in God’s Word (Friday)
    You will explore the resources and several action plans for you and your class to deep dive together into God’s Word.

  The 5 Voices in Your Classroom (Sessions 2 & 3)
    You will be introduced to the 5 Voices and how to use the test to discover the voices in your class. You will be given an overview of how to use this information to make your classes more interactive and help you as a teacher to listen to your students.

Maze, Gary (Madison, MS)
  Leading Students to Grow Deeper in God’s Word (Friday)

  Student Pastors as Communicators (Session 2)

  Student Pastors: A High Calling (Session 3)

  Student Pastors: Where Your Identity Resides (Session 4)

McGivnney, Shane (Director, Men’s Ministry, MBCB)
  Leading Men to Grow Deeper in God’s Word (Session 1)
    How to lead men to discover the joy of knowing and living God’s Word.

  Discipling Men to Disciple Men (Session 2)
    One of the greatest needs for men today is someone to intentionally invest in them for Kingdom growth. This session will lead men to discover how to lead men to become disciple-makers.

  Nuts & Bolts of Men’s Ministry (Session 3)
    We will discuss how to start a Men’s Ministry in the local church and discuss opportunities for men to engage in missions and ministry.

Meeks, Ronald (Chair & Professor of Biblical Studies, Blue Mountain College)
  Growing Deeper in God’s Word through Pastoral Preaching (Session 2)
    Paul exhorted the elders from Ephesus “to feed the church of God” (Acts 20:28).  In this conference we will identify the biblical bases of pastoral preaching and examine some helpful, real-world methods for taking the church deeper into God’s Word.

  Growing Deeper in God’s Word through Expository Preaching (Session 3)
    The Bible commands God’s messengers to “preach the Word” (2 Tim. 4:2) In this conference we will establish the bases for expository preaching and explore some practical approaches for taking the church deeper into God’s Word through expository preaching.

  Growing Deeper with the Church through Pastoral Care (Session 4)
    In the Bible, God has given pastors the clear instruction to shepherd God’s flock.  In this conference we will explore the commands to, the methods for, and the challenges of shepherding’s God’s flock in the 21st Century.

Murphy, Slater (Church Music Director, MBCB)
  Using Worship to Help People Grow Deeper in God’s Word (Friday)
    Growing Deeper in God’s Word will Lead You to Build Disciples Through Your Worship Ministry -  7 Essentials

  Growing Deeper in God’s Word Will Foster Disciple-Making from the Overflow (Session 3)
    Twenty-Five Game Changers for Today’s Senior Pastors and Worship Pastors, Part 1

  Growing Deeper in God’s Word Will Foster Disciple-Making from the Overflow (Session 4)
    Twenty-Five Game Changers for Today’s Senior Pastors and Worship Pastors, Part 2

Rakestraw, Johnny (Pastor, Wallerville FBC and CPA)
  Compensating Church Workers (Session 2)
    Keeping Your Pastor Out of The Crosshairs of the IRS

Ray, Mike (MBCB, Missions Mobilization Director)
  Making Your Mission Team Work! (Sessions 3 & 4)
    We will discuss planning that will help your short-term mission team prepare and be intentional.  We will look at the “basics” for planning for a mission team to work effectively.  Consideration will be given to both international and domestic team settings.

Ritchie, Clint (Pastor, FBC Yazoo)
   Leading Your Family to Grow Deeper in God’s Word (Friday & Session 3)
    This session will share resources and techniques to equip parents to T.E.A.C.H. God’s Word within the family context. If you struggle with your role in your children’s discipleship, this session is for you.”

Smith, Joye
  One Little Child: Can Share & Show God’s Love (Session 2)
    Come learn how preschoolers can learn to share and show God’s love through Mission Friends. Learn how to use curriculum and resources to help preschoolers understand their place in God’s plan.

  Families on Mission (Session 3)
    Explore ways families can be involved in missions through praying, giving, and serving together. Families can be missions-minded as they lead their preschoolers and children to grow a missions heart.

Sylvest, Charles (Education Minister, Fairview Baptist Church)
  Using Small Groups to Help People to Grow Deeper in God's Word (Sessions 2, 3)
    Are small groups a fad or are they here to stay? Each church’s culture and climate is different but scripture is clear that we are to make disciples. Groups should be Missional, Accountable, Reproducible, Communal, and Scriptural.
    A small group fits the dynamic of Jesus’ ministry. Come and hear how it can help your church make disciples that make disciples.

Taylor, Allan (Author & Director of Sunday School & Church Education Ministry, Lifeway)
    Discipleship & Sunday School (Friday)
      Jesus told us to "make disciples." Sunday School is the largest ministry in our churches and must be utilized in doing what Jesus told us to do! This session will answer two questions. (1) What does a disciple look like? (2) How can Sunday School be used to
      produce disciples?

    The Six Essentials for an Evangelistic Sunday School (Session 2)
      If Sunday School is to be evangelistic it must put intentional disciplines into practices.
      This session will look at six things that are vital in making your Sunday School evangelistic.

  A Franchising Sunday School (Session 3)
    Sunday Schools can learn from MacDonald's. We need to "franchise" classes and start new classes.
      This session will demonstrate why, how, and when to start new groups.

  Implementing and Utilizing Care Groups (Session 4)
    Care Groups are an important strategy in keeping up and ministering to those on the class roll. This session will show you why you should employ a Care Group ministry, how to divide your class into Care Groups, and how to utilize Care Groups to minister to people.

Teel, Maria (Mississippi WMU/WM Staff)
  Improving Your Cultural Intelligence (Sessions 2 & 4)
    We live, work, and play in a multicultural environment. Join the discussion on improving your cultural intelligence to discover new ways to connect to the community around you

Wade Wellborn | Communications Associate | Harrisburg Baptist Church
  Relevant: A Beginners Guide to Social Media in the Church (Sessions 2 & 4)
    In today's ever-growing social media driven society, we as the church must learn to adapt to the rapidly changing environment around us. In this session on Social Media, we will learn together how the church can be relevant on all social platforms.
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